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10 Mistakes of IGNOU Students – Must Avoid

Once a student gets enrolled in IGNOU, he/she does not get much information about how to choose subjects. Here are some expert tips you should know what you should do and what you shouldn’t do while studying at IGNOU.

10 Mistakes of IGNOU Students


Choosing your subject Intelligently: Some students often choose their subjects randomly. If you want to choose good subjects then you need to talk to seniors, get related information from the internet, contacting teachers and instructors, etc.

Save the Username and Password:  Once your admission is confirmed, you will receive a username and password. Many students don’t remember username and password and take it lightly. But as an advice , you should save them for future use. They are very important for you throughout your entire degree.

Attend Induction Programme: When a student enrolls in a particular course at IGNOU, an induction programme is organized. Fresher students get to know many things about IGNOU, build contact with seniors etc. So one should not miss such oppourtunities.

Never Wait for Books from IGNOU: Students should not wait for the study material from IGNOU as it will take time. There are a number of excellent books available in the market which are easy to understand and also ensure good grades.

Don’t take IGNOU Assignments Lightly: Assignments are very important as they also contain 40% Weightage. So you should write and submit your assignments before the last date to get high grades.

Not Registering for the Lab Course: Students who do not register for the lab course miss out a significant opportunity. Many IGNOU students are not aware that registration is required for the lab course. So if you have selected a lab course, you must register.

Failure to visit the Study Centre: One of the common mistake of students is that they fail to go to their study centres. They should visit their study centres for good understanding of course and other helpful tips from seniors and instructors.

Ignoring the Course Coordinator or Senior: The course coordinator or senior should be given proper consideration. 

Language of Choice: Some students choose to answer questions in Hindi or English. However, during exams, they write answers in their own mother-tongue.

Not preparing for Exams: Some students don’t prepare properly for exams. It should be avoided.

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